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Big Cities

Big cities with plenty of action and things to do.

Outdoor Adventure

Bike riding trails, horse trails, ATV trails we have it all

Our Heritage

Visit our heritage sites, there is always something going on.

Natural Wonders

From the sea to the mountains, our natural wonders abound.

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Camping in North Carolina

An American Tradition

Bike Trails

Enjoy our bike trails. Catawba Falls Campground is a great home base.

Special Events

3.2% of visitors came for Special events and festivals

Visit NC

Visiting relatives and Family Reunion accounted for 25.5% of visitors.


Catawba Falls Campground is a privately owned campground.

You know what you want to see, but what campground is close by? Here is the answer, we have created this website to feature North Carolina attractions, over 150 major categories of destinations shown. Scenic Wonders such as Linville Gorge, Mount Mitchell, Blue Ridge Parkway, Hiking Trails, Horse and Bike Trails, Waterfalls, National Forests, Golf Courses and Ski Resorts are only a few. When you find an attraction you want to visit, we show you what campgrounds or cabins are within a one hour drive. Save yourself the time of looking at long lists of campgrounds to try to find the one close to the attractions you want to see. Just pick the type of attraction you want, we will show you a list of attractions and the towns they are in, then pick the attraction and we will show you information about the attraction then a list of campgrounds within 50 miles of that attraction. Catawba Falls Campground has been in the same family since 1989, we take care of you like family. On your trip to NC please make us one of your stopping places to visit our wonderful area.

Designed for the cyber explorer

Our mission at Camping North Carolina is to provide you, the cyber explorer the most up to date listing of campgrounds and attractions in North Carolina, and to provide the campground owner, or attraction owner, a reasonable cost advertising program. This site is comprised of campgrounds and attractions, that are serious about their business and they are committed to their development. If you have a favorite campground or attraction, that is not listed here, tell them about us so that they can list their site with us!

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the  east, Tennessee on the west, Virginia to the north, and South Carolina and Georgia to the south, North Carolina is divided into three distinct geographic areas: the Mountains, in the west; the Heartland, often called the Piedmont, in the center; and the Coast, in the east. Each area has its own distinct features.


NC Visitor Information

In 2011, almost nine out of ten (81.7%) of domestic overnight visitors came to North Carolina for leisure purposes, which included visiting friends and relatives, outdoor recreation and entertainment/sightseeing. Eleven percent (11.3%) of domestic overnight visitors came for general business, convention, seminar or other group meeting, while seven percent traveled to the state to conduct personal or other business.
When examining overnight visitation based on the typical seasonal schedule, the summer (June through August) with thirty-six percent was the most popular season of the year for overnight travel to North Carolina. The fall (September through November) with nearly twenty-six percent was the second most popular season for overnight travelers, up from 22% in 2010. Spring (March through May) and winter (December through February) followed, accounting for just with twenty-two percent and sixteen percent of overnight visitors to North Carolina respectively.

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Although we at Camping North Carolina have done our best to obtain the most recent and accurate information, We accept no responsibility with regards to the accuracy of information in any of the maps or information  provided here or the regulations therein.



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